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chandal, porros y megadrive

Oda a una generación; Ready, go!

1. Megadriver- Hard road (super hang-on)
2. Kavinsky- Testarossa autodrive
3. The fucking am - Powerpoint
4. Depeche mode - Photographic (single version)
5. Titus Gein - Neu-tron
6. Add (n) to (x) - MDMH (Miami dust mite harverts)
7. Trans am - Orlando
8. Aavikko - Diamond Pyramid
9. Marxy - Intro to rock
10. Polysics - Black out fall out
11. Gay against you - Unicorn 400
12. Tone Set- The Devil makes the loudest noise
13. Dj Scotch egg - Scotch sundance
14. Yip-yip - Genders changers

2 comentarios:

garbanzo dijo...

My generation!

Txuso dijo...

My degeneration que decían The Eyes.
Ahí lo llevas:

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